Please note: these reviews are from clients in the Rockport/Gloucester, MA area. Where there are phone numbers, please feel free to call and speak with them in person.


From the daughter of a dear client I worked with for over a year:

It is with great pleasure and without reserve that I am able to recommend Stephanie Hobart. In the capacity of Home Health Aide, Stephanie has taken care of my elderly mother, age 96, for the past year. During this time, I have observed first hand the quality of Stephanie’s work and have had the additional opportunity to get to know her on a personal level.

Stephanie has consistently demonstrated her expertise as a home health aide in all aspects, including personal care and hygiene, medication administration, ambulation assistance, light housekeeping, meal preparation, etc. She conducted herself always, in a professional, competent and efficient manner.

Additionally, and almost equally important as her work ethic and abilities, Stephanie quickly worked her way into our hearts. She lit up my mother’s home each time she entered with her warm smile and uplifting personality. She was caring and sensitive and treated her client as one would treat their own family member.

Laurie Crotty,

Rockport MA


From the husband of a woman I worked with for many months right before I moved to Stonington. He is entirely devoted to her wellbeing:

This past summer my wife, from who I am separated, suffered a series of mishaps: a concussion from an auto accident, shingles, some memory issues and complicated back surgery.

Stephanie Hobart was recommended as supremely qualified to help in this time of need.

We found her more than supremely qualified, if such a phrase exists.

A woman of great grace and tact, Stephanie came over twice a week to assist my wife in anything from light housekeeping to taking the right meds at the right time. She became a needed confidant.

She is, quite simply, a professional.

Meredith Price

Gloucester, MA

From the daughter of another client:

Knowing Stephanie was on-the-job at my mother’s home always gave me peace of mind and a few hours of ‘off duty’ each day knowing my mother was safe and in capable hands. Stephanie will be greatly missed by our family.

Deborah asked me to help her reorganize her gallery as it was too cluttered and disorganized for her to continue painting. She had been told about my space design skills and work ethic. 

It is rare to find someone who is a heart-centered caregiver who is also masterfully organized and efficient. Stephanie Hobart is that rare individual. No one is more patient and compassionate, and she can project manage any task with executive flair. And her warmth and charm have made working with her pleasurable at every level. 

Deborah Barlow

Art professional

Brookline, MA


This wonderful man is a business advisor to the Cape Ann community 

I have known Stephanie for 4 years both as her Business Advisor through the Small Business Development Centers program and as client who sought her services. 

First, I must tell you she is a very kind and caring individual.   She has an impressive corporate background in Human Resources (a people person) which she leveraged into a very specialized business where she helps the elderly, handicapped or other short-term assistance and provides 1st class and trusted assistance.

Nearly, two years ago after having elbow surgery and not able to drive, Stephanie would take me to and from doctor appointments into Boston from Rockport, MA. It was so good to have a sympathetic ear while going on these long jaunts.  She is really great at getting your mind off the immediate challenges one might find themselves with.  There is nothing more important than a smile and a good laugh to lift ones spirits and she knows how to make that happen.

Although you might initially find Stephanie as just a kind and caring individual, let me tell you she is much more!  Stephanie is governed by a strategic initiative that makes her business stand out amongst the many other similar type services in the market place.   Stephanie not only manages the business but she provides assistance.   This is a unique combination that allows one to place confidence and trust in her services.

As you reach out for assistance, please be assured that you will be in great hands with Stephanie. She will be a valued resource in your community and I can highly recommend her.


Walter J. Manninen

Small Business Development Center

At Salem State University

and in Gloucester and Salem, MA